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Engage International Audiences with the Best eLearning Translation and Localization

The world’s leading multinational companies rely on Stepes enterprise eLearning and LMS translation services and solutions to most effectively teach and train international employees, partners, and customers in all languages.

SASIT.BG has both the localization industry know-how and the best, agile eLearning translation technology to ensure all of your enterprise training courses, interactive learning tutorials, how-to guides, and self-teaching videos are translated with speed and cost-effectiveness. Professional eLearning translation requires more than just linguistic expertise, it also mandates the language services partner to possess deep knowledge and experience in interactive multimedia processing, video editing, multilingual voiceover, and software programming.

Enterprise Learning Management Systems (LMS) have come a long way since the early Flash era, partially driven by increased sophistications of customer learning requirements and expectations

We also provide customized learning translation solutions via APIs for continuous and agile delivery. Talk to us today for your enterprise learning translation needs.

End-to-End E-learning Localization:

eLearning Translation in 100 Languages

SASIT.BG has professional native translators, voiceover talents, and subject matter experts in over 100 languages. We can localize your eLearning materials with quality and speed in all major languages.

User interface localization is the single most important step for globalizing your software product. Localizing your user interface includes everything from translating text strings to adjusting the layout of your interface to suit each linguistic and cultural context.

Stepes’ mobile translation platform is ideal for localization testing of mobile-centric software. Localization testing ensures that the quality of the localized application matches that of the source product. Once localized, software should be verified on various user platforms to see if the translated versions operate smoothly and the text has been applied correctly.

SASIT.BG s backed a global network of thousands of subject matter experts that is growing daily. Stepes’ mobile translation approach makes translation accessible to bilingual subject matter experts who previously had been shut out of the translation process. That means bilingual computer scientists, programmers, and designers can now contribute to translation.

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